Easy Skincare You Can Do at Home

A jam packed, busy schedule can make it challenging to stick to a consistent skincare routine. Now that most people are spending time at home, you have no excuse to neglect your skin. Fortunately, it is easy to maintain clear, healthy skin at home, without a boatload of products or aesthetic treatments. Read on to learn how:

Start with the Basics

Everyone’s skin is different and unique, and you may have specific concerns you’d like to address, but there are three basic skincare products that everyone needs in their routine, regardless of skin type. These are a gentle, non-drying cleanser, a comfortable moisturizer, and sunscreen. Invest in high quality, well-formulated products like the organic beauty products by Well Within Beauty, and you might even be able to get away with just these three in your routine.

When choosing a cleanser, make sure to choose one with gentle surfactants and that is pH-balanced. Harsh surfactants like sulfates can strip your skin of its natural oils, giving you that tight, dry, “squeaky clean” feeling. Look for skin-friendly ingredients like antioxidants, found in many anti-aging products and skin supplements, that nourish and protect your natural skin barrier.

It’s also important to check the pH level of your cleanser. Healthy skin’s natural pH is between 4.5 to 6, so choose a cleanser with a similar pH level to avoid disrupting your skin barrier. A disrupted skin barrier is weakened and prone to breakouts and irritation, and can be difficult to rebuild.

Moisturizer is for Everyone

Many people with oily skin tend to steer clear of moisturizer, thinking that it will make their skin oilier and greasier. The truth is that keeping your skin well-hydrated and moisturized can help to balance your skin and regulate its sebum production.

The key is to choose a lightweight, comfortable moisturizer that sinks into your skin easily so you don’t feel smothered or greasy. Gel-type or gel-cream moisturizers may be just the thing for you. They feel light and refreshing on your skin during the warm summer months, but are still able to provide adequate hydration in colder weather.

Protect Even at Home

You might think that staying at home is a good excuse to skip sunscreen. However, the sun’s rays are extremely powerful and can easily penetrate through clouds and glass, so if your home has plenty of windows that let in a lot of natural light, you could still get sun damage on your skin.

Wearing sunscreen every day is the best way to prevent early signs of skin aging, as well as other common skin problems such as dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and rough skin. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, and broad spectrum protection to keep you shielded from both UVA and UVB rays.

These three products make a solid foundation for any skincare routine. If you are struggling with acne or have specific skin concerns you’d like to target like dull skin, rough texture or uneven tone, you can add a treatment like salicylic acid or glycolic acid to address these concerns. Introduce these treatments slowly, starting by applying once a week and gradually building up to daily or every other day. Be patient and consistent with your skincare routine, and you should notice a significant improvement in your skin in as little as four to six weeks.