Lengthy Term Food Storage Methods

Today we’ve several choices for lengthy term food storage, as lengthy as our appliances are operating correctly. There are many techniques accustomed to preserve fresh produce for longer amounts of time under normal conditions, including freezing, canning, dehydrating, and freeze-drying.


Archaeologists have discovered evidence that man began freezing meats 1000’s of years ago. Initially, freezing was just possible during wintertime several weeks in temperate climates.

Before electricity grew to become common in homes, there is the ice box within the city and also the dairy in the united states. Dairies were essentially subterranean rooms where temperatures were cooler.

Ice boxes varied in design, however they utilized large blocks of ice to help keep milk, milk products along with other foods from spoiling. The very first refrigerators weren’t that not the same as the iceboxes.

Deep freezers grew to become famous the 1950s for many reasons. Concerns over previous wars and poor relationships with foreign countries were included in this everyone was motivated to possess extra food on hands “just in situation.”

Pretty much all foods could be frozen. Even though the taste could be negatively affected in some instances, the meals are secure to consume for several weeks. It’s a common practice among hunters to keep wild game within the freezer throughout the hunting season and employ it all year round.


Canning grew to become popular for lengthy term food storage using the invention from the pressure oven. Hot baths may be used if no pressure oven can be obtained, however the cans are less inclined to seal.

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