Who is Workout Man and why he prefer Anabolic Steroids?

“Workout Man” is a term that is familiar to almost everyone. Someone pronounces it with a fraction

Turnstiles are athletes who train on trunks and other simulators available on free sports grounds. Workout Mans pursue the following goals:

Performing complex elements on the horizontal bar. The turnstile is a street gymnast who can perform dozens of different elements on the crossbar.

A set of muscle mass. Depending on personal goals, some turnstiles primarily seek to improve their shape, and only then perform complex elements.

Losing weight. Exercises on the horizontal bar – the best strength training for weight loss. The turnstile burns calories and starts the process of delayed fat burning with Pumpers.co – hormonal reactions that burn fat for 24-72 hours after training. With the help of special simulators like elastic bands for pull-ups, everyone can work with a horizontal bar. Everyone can lose weight if there is a desire.

Health improvement. Turnstiles are athletes who maintain health significantly longer than ordinary people. If the average person has gained excess fat and has acquired a number of serious diseases by the age of 25, then the turnstile can suffer the same fate in 40-45 years, when the average person’s body will fall apart. Training in the fresh air improves the functioning of the hormonal, lymphatic, cardiovascular and other body systems.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and sports. If all the inhabitants of , young and old, begin to practice regularly on the horizontal bar, this will lead to a healing of the nation, which cannot be provided by any, even the most effective medical reform.

Happiness. Training leads to the release of hormones of motivation and happiness, which improve the athlete’s mood not only in the short, but also in the long term. Workout Man are happy people who are immersed in their hobby.

The horizontal bar is better than alcohol

The benefits of training on the horizontal bar is undeniable. Why does dislike come from society? We distinguish the following reasons:

Workout Mans are athletes who have appeared in recently. After the collapse of the USSR, we were not up to the horizontal bars, or to something new in the field of physical development and healthcare. We are suspicious of the turnstiles, because we see a catch in everything.

Turnstiles deprive lazy people of excuses: training on horizontal bars is free. Your health is in your hands. To prevent the development of most diseases of civilization is a trifle. It is only necessary to defeat laziness.

Most of the tourists are teenagers and young people who have broken out of the “herd” and began to engage in their physical development and health. They seemed to oppose themselves to unhappy people who can enjoy life only from alcohol and other bad habits.

Competition among athletes. Bodybuilders humiliate turnstiles, turnstiles – bodybuilders, and fitness shorts are generally called bad words.

Training on the horizontal bar is the physical activity supported by any sane person. Training in the fresh air is much better than alcohol, tobacco and drugs.

The program of pull-ups on the horizontal bar for beginners

Do not know where to start, don’t know how to pull up – use this program of 30 workouts to significantly improve the result in pull-ups:

  • WorkoutNo 1
  • Theapproaches
  • Repetitions
  • Restinminutesafterapproach
  • Do not proceed with the next program until the previous one is completed using the correct pull-up technique.